19 February 2013

Indigo Revolution - Matias de Stefano

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I found my notes relating to this video which I viewed some time ago, and since I didn't post it then, I'll do it now :)

Matias de Stefano gives a 2:36 hours seminar titled "Future Expectations and Needs". Yes, it's really long, but he is a very interesting speaker with a lot of important information (from what I can remember!). He was born "intact", that is to say, he was allowed to retain his memory and has total recall and ability to tap into Cosmic Knowledge. As a multi-dimensional Indigo, his mission here is to help Humanity through this Ascension process.

Some of the information pertains to 2012, and although that window is now behind us, the information is still valid (again, from what I can remember!).

Some of the highlights in this seminar include:
  • Purpose of reincarnation and role of spiritual evolution
  • The different dimensional levels and the types of Beings within each one
  • How the current human species received a jump-start in evolution
  • Fall and rise of consciousness
  • 2012 and how it affects the whole Cosmos
  • Indigo Ray on Earth, Indigo Souls and the transformation that follows
  • Types of Soular vibrations
  • Education and its applications to daily living
  • New Age of Aquarius.
 Here for the video.

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